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Why we love Autumn (And not just because we’re offering 20% off…)

After the disappointment of our ‘summer’, we begin to watch the evenings close in with a shiver… However, we here at B+B LOVE the autumn, and here’s why:

  1. Season of mists… Is any season more atmospheric? Shrug up your collar, pull down the brim of your hat and play at Sherlock Holmes.
  2. Yes, you chaps in the US do Hallowe’en much better than us Brits. However, remember that we have the 5th November, and this is an event with FIRE. Penny for the guy, Guv’nor?
  3. They’re everywhere, including on the tracks and cluttering up gardens… But who doesn’t love jumping into a pile of leaves and giving them a good old kick!
  4. The weather. Hear me out. Cold, crisp mornings and sunsets that bask the country in a beautiful orange glow. Where better to indulge than gazing across Edinburgh’s dramatic skyline?
  5. Gingerbread lattes. And mulled wine. And hearty stews. Forget summer’s sparkling water and salads – Autumn is all about hearty fare.
  6. Christmas shopping. People may groan when they hear the Selfridges opened their Christmas shop in July, but how many of us secret relish this opportunity for a bit of retail therapy… And shopper’s guilt? Banished – it’s all for other people.
  7. And while we’re on the subject, from 20th November Edinburgh flings open the doors to its festive markets. Not only can you visit the romantic Scottish and traditional European markets, there is also a magical Children’s market opening at Santa Land.

  So how about it? Cobbled streets, secret bars, plenty of warming whisky… Edinburgh is waiting to beat the end-of-summer blues. If you are planning a jaunt to one of the most exciting cities in Europe, book at B+B Edinburgh for 2 nights or more and receive 20% off your stay. Contact the hotel directly, or book online. Subject to availability, T&Cs apply.

Edinburgh is the Telegraph’s top city in Britain

Announced in the Telegraph yesterday, the city of Edinburgh has beaten off London to be  the top city in Britain and we are supremely proud of that!

It is almost impossible to explain  why Edinburgh has been awarded this accolade for the second consecutive year. Much of the wonder is contained in the history of the city’s ancient alleyways and architecture and cannot be explained – only ‘felt’ and ‘experienced’. But we have tried to whittle down our favourite reasons to visit, B+B Edinburgh style!

Edinburgh is Britain's Top City

Edinburgh is Britain’s Top City

Edinburgh is Compact

An incredibly easy city to explore on foot, it is possible to truly soak in the atmosphere. Stop for a while to enjoy the street performers, buskers and bagpipe players on the Mound or in Princes Street Gardens, whilst enjoying an ice cream from one of the numerous outdoor cafes. Walk easily between the Georgian formality of the New Town with its high end shops and boutiques to the Old Town with the magnificent Castle perched at the top of the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh is an all-year-round city

During August, the city welcomes an global crowd to experience the Festival season. Edinburgh Festival Fringe (1-25 August), Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (1-23 August) and the International Festival (8-31 August) are just 3 of the main events and are booked out way in advance. Book accommodation early. But, some of the best reasons to visit are the natural wonders and these can be visited during low season. Walking across Arthurs Seat, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in the depths of the countryside. One of our favourites is along the Water of  Leith into Stockbridge Village along to Shoreside and some of the best cosy harbourside pubs serving the best seafood around!

Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh

Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh

Shoreside, Leith - cosy harbourside pubs

Shoreside, Leith – cosy harbourside pubs









Edinburgh is a Coastal City

Thanks to it’s location on the Firth of Forth, there are beaches in Edinburgh! There are options for everyone – with our favourite being Belhaven  boasting sand dunes and colourful grasslands. A great beach for blustery winter walks,  it is the ideal place to enjoy the views across the Forth Estuary and is a mecca for surfers.

Belhaven Sand Dunes

Belhaven Sand Dunes


…and there it is! Our reasons to visit the top city in Britain. Our WINTER2014 promotion offers great rates until February 2015.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and other sports events

Apart from the global World Cup football which filled every bar in every nation, Scotland is playing host to the Ryder Cup in Gleneagles and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Scotland is alive with sports events in 2014.

Sport is about competition and competition is about pride and there is plenty of pride in Scotland. 

First in the packed calender, starting on the 23rd July is The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Not just about sport but a celebration of the cultures and history of  the 71 nations taking part from all over the Commonwealth. There will be associated events all across Scotland.  The Games was first held in 1930, this is the third to be held in Scotland and the first to come to Glasgow. A total of 4,500 athletes – will converge on Glasgow, playing 17 sports over 11 days of competition that includes 261 medals. Pride in abundance!

But Scotland plays host to regular sports events – and the Ryder Cup is arguably one of the most famous. This golf tournament has it’s roots in Scotland and a long, established tradition has built up over 93 years. All cities, including Edinburgh offer accommodation with links to golf courses and there are many ways to plan the perfect Golf Package.

So whether you are a spectator or an active participant, Scotland is bursting with inspiration and sport adventure – book your tripGlasgow2014 very soon!



Homecoming Festival Scotland

Scotland is welcoming the world to a year long Homecoming  Festival of arts, sports, food, nature and culture. Edinburgh  is proud to host many events. B+B Edinburgh have highlighted a few below. So if it is the great outdoors, the thrill of  adrenalin sports or more gentle cultural,historical and nature events that you love – Homecoming Edinburgh is for you!

Edinburgh International Science festival starts in 2 days time. GastroFest is a mini event offering the chance to learn about the science of food and drink – the mixology of wonderful cocktails and the mastery of molecules! You’ll need a comfy bed to tumble in to after all that!

John Muir Festival – celebrating the world renowned Scots born lover of nature . 21st April sees the opening of the John Muir Way which will zig-zag through the city highlighting our scenic suburbs to the lochs beyond.

Sports lovers will arrive for the Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games – 2 huge events on the world sporting calenders. But there are others – B+B Edinburgh welcomes runners for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival – a family festival with heaps going on – its fast, flat and packed with fun events and happens on the 24th May.


So whenever you come to Edinburgh, there is going to be something amazing happening in 2014. Our team our bursting to share their knowledge and help you plan your stay!


Food Events in Edinburgh

A trip to Scotland’s capital city is not going to leave you feeling hungry – the city is bursting with a colourful foodie scene ranging from  funky street vendors to fine high end cuisine.

A good way to plan your adventure is to hook in to the thriving Food Festival Calender and book your B+B around the one that tickles most!

See below for a quick look at some of the festival’s and events we at B+B Edinburgh really really rate:

Edinburgh Farmers Market : held every Saturday under  the backdrop of the Castle – this is the largest market in Scotland. Over 55 purveyors, producers, farmers and distributors trade alongside bakers, butchers, home cooks and professional chefs to create a bustling market – 15 minutes walk from B+B Edinburgh’s front door.

Stockbridge Market: Edinburgh’s ‘other’ farmers market – held every Sunday in Edinburgh’s bohemian quarter – a passion for small traders, this market also sells Arts and Crafts and is a fab place to choose Christmas presents.

Cookery Schools: Edinburgh’s New Town Cookery School offers a whole range of courses for all abilities. Boasting fantastic  views across the Firth of Forth, classes can be short and sweet or residential including B+B with us. Closer to us is in Stockbridge is  Cookingmania – Edinburgh’s newest cookery school. This  offers a homely feel, where  families are also welcome.

Foodies Festival Christmas is hosted at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in December. Foodies from all walks of life feast on an array of chef demonstrations, Drinks masterclasses and independent food stores over 2 days. Call the Team at B+B Edinburgh to find out dates and book your accommodation in plenty of time.

Contact the Team at B+B Edinburgh to benefit from Winter Offers and tap in to the exciting foodie scene in Edinburgh. A warm welcome always awaits.


Live Panda-cam set-up in Edinburgh Zoo

Here at B+B Edinburgh, we find that many of our guests are keen to visit Edinburgh Zoo to visit the giant pandas. Even if you aren’t able to make it to Edinburgh, you know have a chance to watch the Pandas from a live webcam set up in their enclosure. The camera view switches from both the indoor and outdoor enclosure and follows the zoo’s two giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

Giant pandas are an endangered species and Edinburgh Zoo hopes they will breed successfully during their 10 year loan from China. The cameras have been installed at this time as it’s mating season for the pandas. During this time Tian Tian and Yang Guang will be more active, displaying mating behaviours such as scent marking, and in Yang Guang, the male panda’s case, eating more bamboo and trying to impress his potential mate by doing headstands! The zoo has insisted that no funny business will be streamed on the web-cams, and the panda cameras are live and ready to view on the Edinburgh Zoo website.

The cameras and organisation of the camera set up were donated to Edinburgh Zoo by the company Indiago Vision. To test the sensitivity of the motion detecting cameras, two of the zoo staff dressed up in panda costumes and mimicked Tian Tian and Yang Guang’s movements within their enclosure. There is footage of the humans pretending to be the pandas on the Indigo Vision’s Youtube channel. Edinburgh Zoo has a track record for mixing animals and technology. The zoo is also home to ten chimpanzees who starred in the BBC Two documentary ‘The Chimpcam Project’ which recorded the footage created when the chimps were given camcorders to play with and use in their enclosure.

With a climate that matches the Sichuan Province in China, Edinburgh offers the perfect environment for its pandas. Most zoos have to artificially recreate the conditions for their panda enclosures, but the Edinburgh weather offers the right temperatures and humidity to grow lots of bamboo naturally.

If you want to see the pandas in person, it’s no extra cost to visit their enclosure but you have to pre-book tickets for certain time slots. Edinburgh Zoo is also home to sun bears, the smallest and rarest bears in the world. The Budongo Trail is home to the zoo’s 10 chimpanzees and is used to study the different behavioural patterns of the animals. The Budongo Trail also gives visitors a chance to meet the chimpanzees up close. There is another web-cam installed in the squirrel monkey’s enclosure, used to study and record interactions between the monkeys.

Edinburgh Zoo is great fun for both kids and grown-ups and entry to the Zoo starts at £15.50 for adults and £11 for children, although you can save by buying family discount tickets. Flights to Edinburgh from London are available from London City Airport and take just 80 minutes making Edinburgh a great choice for a UK city break. Aside from the pandas and chimpanzees at the zoo, there are other exciting attractions such as the Edinburgh Dungeons where live actors perform gory stories of Scotland’s past, Holyrood House – the official residence of the Queen, and Edinburgh Castle which sits in the city centre on a hill of volcanic rock.

Science in Scotland – What to Expect from the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Looking for somewhere to both entertain and educate your children this spring? Try Edinburgh seminal science festival for two weeks of mind-blowing information.

April brings with it spring, sunshine and also science! From March 23rd until April 7th Edinburgh will turn into a scientist’s dream with two weeks of incredible shows, talks and experiments from people who really know their stuff.

The organisers of this massive event have put every effort into making sure there is something for everyone – your little intrepid space traveller can hear talks about the first mission to Mars by the actual General Director of Mars One, the company who recruited members for this seminal moment in space travel.

Or is your son or daughter into true crime, constantly pretending to be a detective or policeman? Why not try out the Crime Scene Investigation workshop, which gives kids the chance to see a mocked-up crime scene and solve it using skills learned from the experts.

If you have a little girl who thinks science is only for boys, you can educate her on the women who have shaped scientific and technological life as we know it through an incredibly informative exhibition called Scottish Women of Science: Celebrating Trailblazers from our Past. This may help sow the seeds of a future scientist ready to explore and save the world.

There are many other exhibition and talks on offer from subjects like geology and paleontology to marine biology and astronomy. And it’s not just for the kids; parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will all find something to enjoy and new things to learn and take home with you, making the pub quiz a little easier! Also, with the festival lasting two weeks, it is the perfect excuse for a weekend away or an excursion for half term. Educational and affordable, it is a fantastic way of sneaking a bit of education into your kids’ school holidays.

If you are looking for a place to rest your head after it has been filled with so much knowledge, B+B Edinburgh is an excellent choice, offering comfortable and affordable accommodation for the whole family. With a hearty breakfast included, you can be sure that you and your little scientists are ready to absorb even more awe-inspiring information.

Edinburgh Celebrates Burns Night

The New Year is over yet there is no need to rest. After visitors were blown away by Edinburgh’s world famous end of year celebrations, January 2013 can seem like a lull in excitement as people begin their diets and choose to stay in.

However, those searching for a weekend break and found themselves begrudgingly watching Jools Holland on New Years Eve, can receive an injection of fun to break up this traditionally dreary month. Join in the celebration of Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns on the 25th of January..

What goes on?

Visitors are welcome to join recitals of Burn’s poetry amid toasts to the great man. Prepare for a traditional haggis meal presented by bagpipers: the definitive way to celebrate his birthday. Finishing with the melancholic yet warming sing a long of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, this is the definitive Scottish celebration.

Edinburgh’s Burns Parties

There are no shortage of venues which offer visitors the chance to join this popular festival. Each of those below is dedicated to celebrating it to the fullest.

Burns Night at Prestoungrange Gothenburg – The Goth, as it is called by Edinburgh locals, hosts a Family Burns Storytelling Ceilidh with storyteller Tim Porteus. The festivities include dancing, singing, and poetry for the whole family to enjoy.

Burns Night in Edinburgh at The Tass – The Tass, Edinburgh’s beloved Burns pub, hosts Burns suppers from January 23rd to 25th with storytellers David Campbell and Linda Bandelier. Expect to be wowed by their poetry recitations, songs, and stories as you enjoy a traditional dinner


Those searching for comfortable, yet modern surroundings to stay the night will be delighted with B+B Edinburgh’s unique take on 3-star hotel quality. Enjoy a hearty breakfast after your previous evenings celebrations. You can also see breathtaking views of the city from our location, which includes, the not too far away, Edinburgh Castle.

Festive Fun in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is certainly known to be one the best places in which to spend some time over the Christmas and festive period, with celebrations spanning across 6 weeks each year. 2012 is no exception and is set to be one of the cities best celebrations to date, kicking off on November 29th and continuing on all the way through to January 6th. If you are considering a visit, or lucky enough to already be booked, below are some of the cities highlights this Christmas.


Edinburgh Christmas Ice Rink

November 24th – January 5th

Just below the ancient Edinburgh castle will be one of Europe’s largest open-air ice rinks. Wrap up warm and marvel at the cities fabulous skyline whilst enjoying (or embarrassing) yourself on the ice. The area around the rink and in Princes Street gardens will also have festive music, theatre performances and the best seasonal food and drink during this period.


Traditional German Christmas Market

November 26th – January 5th

Keeping tradition, Edinburgh is host to an authentic German Christmas Market, to be located in the Mound Precinct, the stallholders are traveling from Frankfurt to display their food drink and wares. The German Market has become popular to Edinburgh’s festive season and provides visitors a chance to sample some great food, such as crepes, potato cakes and of course German sausage, fantastic German beer and a combination of classic and contemporary Christmas gifts and decorations.


The Edinburgh Wheel

Open everyday.

Although this attraction isn’t just at Christmas, taking a spin on the wheel during the festive season is perhaps one of the best times to do so. Towering 33 metres over Princes Street, the wheel allows you to take in panoramic views of the Scottish capital and enjoy the city as its lit up for Christmas.


Santa’s Gardens

November 24th – January 5th

Enjoy the magic of Christmas at West Princes Street in Santa’s gardens, complete with Santa’s grotto, real reindeer, ice sculpting, choirs and Christmas inspired performances. Additionally, the Snow Globe is certainly an exciting new addition to the celebrations. Here, visitors are able to stand amongst falling snow, get some great photographs and have a lot of fun. The Santa express is a railway set up to ride around the gardens and other fun activities include bubblepods and the bungee snow dome. This area is great for adults, children and families.


The Real Scottish Christmas Fair

December 3rd – 8th

Open between 10am – 6pm, this authentic Christmas Fair is located on Castle Street and displays the best of both a traditional and contemporary approach to a Scottish Christmas. With music, traditional food, tastings, a warm welcome and plenty of Christmas shopping options, visitors will enjoy this great alternative experience.


Christmas lunch at the Castle

December 6th – 24th

Enjoy a traditional Christmas meal within the most iconic building in Edinburgh. The castle is laying on lunch each day from 12.30pm in the festively decorated Jacobite room. Free entry to the castle is also included in the £35 per person charge, giving a great excuse to make a morning and afternoon of the experience. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Santa Race

date tbc

Join or watch the hundreds of Santa’s that sprint around Princes Street Gardens this Christmas, all in the name of charity. The odd but incredibly enjoyable sight makes for a really fun evenings entertainment and festive spirit.


Traditional Highland Village

Throughout December

Set up in East Princes Street gardens, just below the castle and just above the ice rink, this winter wonderland of a village is everything ‘highlandish’. This fun, friendly and incredibly vibrant market is packed with numerous Scottish inspired and traditional foods, producers, farmers and local retailers. Wooly hats and Scottish teddy bear stalls sit next to local venison burger makers ‘Well Hung and Tender’. The other stalls sell everything from clothes to jewelry and crafts. Shopping has rarely been so pleasurable.

Book now to enjoy this multitude of exciting events at one of Edinburgh’s most unique bed and breakfast providers.

A different way to explore Edinburgh

As a city littered with history and beautiful architecture, Edinburgh is a fantastic city to visit on a short city break. If you’re looking for a different way to explore parts of the city, why not compete in the Great Edinburgh Run, which passes through 10km of the best sights in Edinburgh.

If you choose to enter, you will start close to Holyrood Palace just nextto Arthurs Seat. The first couple of kilometres will see you round Holyrood Park in the shadow of the imposing Arthurs Seat. Just after the start line you should see the uniquely designed Our Dynamic Earth, before completing almost half of the run in Holyrood Park alone. You will then pass onto the streets of the city, passing through the Pleasance and then onto the Royal Mile, where you will approach the 7km mark near the Scottish Parliament building on the right hand side. From here you will pass infront of Nelson’s monument and the National Monument of Scotland that sits on Calton Hill, before lopping back on yourself. After this you’ll find yourself on the home straight passing the Scottish Parliament  and Holyrood Palace once more, before crossing the finish line.

Beware though, it wont be the flattest of courses that you’ve ever run on, but we’re sure that the fellow participants, the spectators and the entertainment on course will see you through the 10km!

If you’re looking for accommodation for the run, why not stay with us here at B&B Edinburgh.

Image via flickr