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Homecoming Festival Scotland

Scotland is welcoming the world to a year long Homecoming  Festival of arts, sports, food, nature and culture. Edinburgh  is proud to host many events. B+B Edinburgh have highlighted a few below. So if it is the great outdoors, the thrill of  adrenalin sports or more gentle cultural,historical and nature events that you love – Homecoming Edinburgh is for you!

Edinburgh International Science festival starts in 2 days time. GastroFest is a mini event offering the chance to learn about the science of food and drink – the mixology of wonderful cocktails and the mastery of molecules! You’ll need a comfy bed to tumble in to after all that!

John Muir Festival – celebrating the world renowned Scots born lover of nature . 21st April sees the opening of the John Muir Way which will zig-zag through the city highlighting our scenic suburbs to the lochs beyond.

Sports lovers will arrive for the Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games – 2 huge events on the world sporting calenders. But there are others – B+B Edinburgh welcomes runners for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival – a family festival with heaps going on – its fast, flat and packed with fun events and happens on the 24th May.


So whenever you come to Edinburgh, there is going to be something amazing happening in 2014. Our team our bursting to share their knowledge and help you plan your stay!


Countdown to the science festival

The countdown is on to the annual Edinburgh International Science festival and with more than 200 events and workshops planned, visitors will be spoiled for choice on how they wish to be amazed!

The two week event, running from 30 March to 15 April, includes inspirational talks, hands-on activities and interactive exhibitions to inspire visitors of all ages at a range of different venues across the city.

Try out exciting experiments, understand the science of human movement, examine the incredibly big and amazingly small, hear from comedians and psychologists, dancers and chefs…be at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity.

In a rare public appearance, hear from the master illusionist and mentalist, Derren Brown in conversation with Richard Wiseman on April 21st.

Or if you’re gripped by a sense of adventure yourself, try hot-footing it – literally, by walking over burning coals in Firewalking on April 8 and 9.

For Easter holiday family fun, why not visit the City Art Centre which will be packed full of circuits, scary skeletons, racing robots and manic monsters.

Youngsters will have the chance to climb inside a giant eye and The BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory team will also be presenting free live shows in the Usher Hall and drop in activities on the Mound Precinct.

Full details of the fortnight of fun are available at http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk